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Chapter eighty three - Kep

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Day 299: Kep, Cambodia 25/07/2012

Awake early this morning, each of us a fair bit healthier than we were yesterday. When I ask G what time it is she replies with an authoritative and decisive 'ten past eight'. A look at the watch reveals it is in fact ten past nine. She is living in the past. To the embassy then Batman, and the trip starts well as we step out of the tuk-tuk and I promptly go arse over tit care of a shin high chain fence at the side of the road. 'Oh my God' squeals the tuk-tuk driver. Quite.

Get all the required paperwork in and ask to pay for express/same day processing. The jobsworth from yesterday does not understand why we would possibly want this and tells us that it is not possible. Au contraire mon ami, as he looks up to see me and remembers the laser eye treatment he was subjected to yesterday and allows us (begrudgingly) to pay for the expedited issuance. Told to pick them up in a couple of hours so we grab a spot of breakfast from a restaurant run by an OG, who walks round commanding respect and holding two huge bricks of money without so much as the thought of a worry. Not a man to cross we feel.

We get our passports back with two Chinese visas firmly pasted into them and a weight is lifted off - the journey can be completed and the final leg undertaken. Check out of our hotel for the last time - I am sure they will be really sad to see the back of us for good - and we make our way to the bus station, where we buy two tickets to Kep and we leave Phnom Penh, passing through some parts of town we definitely haven't been near before. See a new favourite shop. It is magnificently named the 'Selling Glasses Watches Shop'.

We reach Kep, find a room and make mortal enemies with an obnoxious and truly quite horrible French nine year old. Good tea.

Day 300: Kep, Cambodia 26/07/2012

Get up and watch a bit of tv, flicking between Russia Today, Somali Kingdom TV and numerous Christian channels (kids love oatmeal snacks apparently). Go for a walk around the really quiet and quaint little town that is Kep and continue on our walk round the cliff that we abandoned last night due to the dark. Just as well we did really, as the pathway is teeming with monkeys and given our previous with these cuddly, furry, evil balls of fun we would no doubt have had a scrap on our hands.

A spot of lunch is followed by a spot of beaching it. A scorcher today and after two minutes sitting on the sand we find ourselves on two rather ancient and delapidated sun loungers. Charged to use them by a woman that Gemma thinks is just someone using the beach and seeing an opportunity. Lots of locals around the beach today, all of them staying in the shade by the road and most of them extended family units enjoying a good barbecue, which is always nice to see.

Book a minibus back to Sihanoukville tomorrow and are told by the travel agent to meet him back here at his office in the morning. His office is a patio table in a car park. Love the way that Asia conducts its business.

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