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September 2011

Wow, first thing's first - visas

What the.......

Well, two weeks shy of D-day and it turns out that T C Evans can get a visa...seems that the problems with America were all a myth, he could have gone all that time ago...though an Indian tourist visa is slightly different to the rest of things....

Normally, I would assume that this close in we would have everything sorted but then again assumption is the brother of all f**k ups..or is that mother?

Anyways, our visas, malaria pills, jabs. flights are all sorted, we are ready to go. Bar the bar at our leaving party (sure we will remember that!) it's a countdown. Neither of us are sure quite what to do, how to quite prepare for Delhi we are not quite sure. I have been pouring chilli powder on plates left out for weeks at a time but not quite sure this will quite completely gear us up for the ultimate port on India and the subcontinent. Quite.

Anyways, if you are reading this you will be at the leaving do so will speak to you then. If you're lucky.


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