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Chapter ninety one - Sydney's Swansong

Last few days down under

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Day 335: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia 29/08/2012

After a final morning and a nice breakfast in Queensland, we are kindly taken to the airport by Erin and Riley. In a bid to keep him entertained, we feed some dollars into a massage chair and enjoy the look on the big man's face as his back is pummeled by the rollers and mechanisms housed in this strange contraption. Riley soon jumps off and I take over from him in the hotseat. Duly get beaten up by the strange man that obviously lives in the leather armchair.

Our flight leaves early and Gemma mistimes a film in her seat. Thinking she will be able to resume where she left off (we swap planes in Brisbane), one can only imagine her dismay and shock as the second aircraft houses no television sets. Cue laughter all round, though when it gets too excessive I have to ask the pilot and the aircrew to get on with their jobs and stop brazenly mocking my fiancee.

Arrive nice and early in Sydney and being kindly welcomed back to John and Nele's flat for a second stint, we have to swing by the Women's Hospital and pick up Nele's keys. Gemma briefly has herself a job as a Vietnamese interpreter before anyone realises she cannot speak Vietnamese and is only there to pick something up off one of the doctors. Impromptu career change aside this key collection goes swimmingly and before long we have a chilli con carne on the hob. Cosy.

Day 336: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia 30/08/2012

Our last day in Australia comes around a little too quickly to be believed. A spot of breakfast is followed by that favourite pastime of ours, packing the backpacks. We somehow seem to have grown/sprouted some more stuff, which has happened far too often this year. God knows how we manage it.

After sorting our stuff out and popping to the shops, we join John and Nele down at Bondi Beach for a spot of lunch, and surprise surprise a few drinks. A few obviously turns into quite a few and after a one too many we find ourselves in the back of a cab with the Scousers bringing a few trophies back to the flat. A few hours sleep to look forward to before tomorrow's flight out of here. Good times to remember in Oz and definitely a place to come back to...how many times have we thought that this year?

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