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Chapter thirty two - Galle

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Day 127: Galle, Sri Lanka 04/02/2012

Today is Sri Lankan Independence Day. We get up and I decide in my wisdom to go for a quick run on the beach. This is very hard work, mainly due to my complete lack of running over the past 4 months. Jump in the sea to cool off. Gemma shaves my head when I return, very short and my head/scalp looks snow white against my red/brown face. Like someone has shaved an Oompa Loompa.

We catch the bus - a crazy busy little minibus - and we are both still very sore. Our shoulders certainly do not thank us for the backpacks being put upon the sensitive skin! On the bus there are some seats that fold out into the aisle and Gemma finds it highly amusing that the bus brakes sharply and I am sent flying down the gangway. We quite quickly find a decent room in Galle, which is an absolutely beautiful city, with the old fort and sea wall offer great views out to sea. The old colonial feel to the town makes us feel like we are somewhere in Europe and the streets are spotless. It is also very, very hot and we go back to the room to cool down. We are both knackered again and it seems that Gemma's old age is catching up with us both...

We have a great dinner and when we realise we do not have enough cash on us to pay guess who runs back to the room to get some money. Another early night!

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