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Chapter sixty seven - Krabi

Let's give it another chance...

rain 27 °C

Day 244: Krabi Town, Thailand 30/05/2012

Arrive in Alor Setar at about seven in the morning, naturally stopping to write some postcards as you do after fifteen hours travelling. Following this we have a bit of trouble finding the best way to the border (this journey was not so well planned) and after getting a cab to the Malaysian side, we troop through no-man’s land with our stuff, get through Thai immigration and in keeping with the rest of the journey to this point, realise we have no idea where to go next. A quick (one hour) drink in McDonald’s and a consultation with the Lonely Planet enables us to decide to give Krabi another chance. We are soon on a very tightly packed minibus destined for Hat Yai.

Hat Yai proves to be remarkably like Kuantan in its worryingly high percentage of unhelpful people and we eventually get ourselves on a coach for Krabi. We take the opportunity to grab a bite to eat (Pad Thai always welcome) and are soon aboard our fourth vehicle of the day. Dropped in Krabi Town around sixish and the fifth vehicle of the day (pick up truck) drops us right in the centre. Hunt for a nice hotel (needs to be a good one after twenty six hours on the road). Caught in a huge thunderstorm so dive into a place for tea, fashion a rain cover for my bag using my fashionable rain jacket and eventually check into a very nice hotel room. A great documentary on Fox Movies – ‘Who Killed the Electric Car’. Yawn.

Day 245: Krabi Town, Thailand 31/05/2012

A very good night’s sleep before we get our stuff together and move into a another (cheaper) room around the corner. Take a quick walk around Krabi Town, which proves to be quite nice (definitely nicer than Ao Nang) with a lot of friendly locals and amazing chicken salads available roadside. Find ourselves watching some more breakdancing at the local shopping mall. Later in the day we meet a bald man with his head tattooed (ouch) and as the clouds gather another tropical storm is imminent. We head to the bar at our place, play a bit of pool and watch the rain bounce a full six inches back off the pavement from the relative safety of the pool table.
Brave the weather after a while and head to the nearby night market for some seriously good food, a bit of fruit and some delightful nice little cupcakes. Early night.

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Chapter fifty one - Krabi

rain 26 °C

Day 193: Krabi, Thailand 09/04/2012

For the eagle eyed readers out there, you may notice that the day numbers don't follow on from the previous chapter. This is because I cannot count and the days have been out for months.

So, up very early for the bus trip to Krabi and after a quick run to 7/11 we are joined at the bus stop by the Plymouth lads, who are heading to Koh Tao. We get the minibus to the ferry point, grab a quick breakfast (asked for poached, got scrambled) and depart the island with a literal boatload of tired, hungover, douchey looking young travellers. We naturally fit in here. The boat leaves the dock and the heavens open, soaking everyone on the open deck, including us. Everybody takes refuge under whatever shelter they can and eventually the sun comes out and dries up all the rain and incey wincey spider...

Some outstanding scenery to be seen on the way into the mainland and we are greeted by some odd looking dolphins playing in the shallows (Irawaddy dolphins no less - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Orcaella_brevirostris_1878.jpg). We then take our seats on the bus damp and tired and sleep most of the way to Krabi. Wake up to find we are almost there, a couple of hours earlier than expected. The people touting for business at the bus stop put us in the direction of a half decent looking hotel and despite thinking we had treated ourselves, it is a bit rough round the edges. After a mammoth afternoon nap for Gem, we have a very ropey tea and then skype the folks at home.

Day 194: Krabi, Thailand 10/04/2012

After a very good night's sleep we watch a bit of Real Stories (the only English channel) and laze about. We then take a trip into the town (Ao Nang) and despite the stunning natural surroundings, our first impressions are not good. The whole place is overpriced, the touts and stallholders are very pushy and the whole town has a bit of a chip on its shoulder. We have an overpriced pizza/pasta combo for lunch and then book our ticket out of here. On the way out we see all the bargain food stalls we should have visited. Grrr!

Head back, have a quick dip and back into bed for some more Real Stories as the heavens open outside. Decide on a takeaway and gorge ourselves on our last night in Thailand. Pad Thai, chicken and cashew nuts, spring rolls, corn on the cob, banana and chocolate pancakes and a snickers are demolished. Pack then sleep.

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