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Chapter sixty nine - Somewhere between Koh Lanta and Bangers

Another bloody bus

overcast 24 °C

Day 252: Somewhere between Koh Lanta and Bangkok, Thailand 07/06/2012

Wake up to find the rain is just unrelenting. As well as coming through the ceiling, the water is finding its way through the wiring and out via the sockets and light switches. Time to leave we think and after breakfast I take a stroll to find out if we can change our bus tickets to leave today. Turns out we can so a couple of hours later we are waiting at the travel agent/internet café for the minibus to turn up. With the rain lashing down it arrives forty five minutes late and our luggage is wedged in amongst the other passengers whilst we get the relative comfort of the front seats.

We are dropped at the wrong place in Krabi but luckily a very helpful woman at the bus station (I know, a helpful person!) calls the bus company and we are transported to the correct destination. After a bite to eat we get on the bus to Bangkok, where we are by far the oldest people. The rest are all real Khao Saners aged 18-19. One very annoying Brummie girl needs to be gagged/killed/forcibly ejected from the moving vehicle (delete as applicable) but after she eventually shuts the f*ck up a decent night’s sleep follows.

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Chapter sixty six - A bus somewhere

Another long journey...

overcast 25 °C

Day 243: Somewhere in Northern Malaysia, Malaysia 29/05/2012

Wake up late again and enjoy the benefits of our luxury room. A look out of the window reveals a grey, murky day with little potential for the beach, so over a spot of lunch we discuss what to do and where to go. Heading back for Thailand wins out in our debate and it is back to the room to pack our stuff and apply our newly purchased Tiger Balm to the multitude of horrendously big, itchy and irritating red bites literally all over our bodies. Not sure if they are due to bedbugs or mossies but literally devastating.
En route for the bus we spot a fairly big lizard scurrying about in the drainage channels, which we watch for a bit before we carry on up the road and spot a huge monitor lizard skulking around in a field. Scary. Realise the frogs in the room are a far better option than coming up against one of these…

The bus eventually arrives and we have a nice stable seat, which has partially penetrated the rusty floor. Back at the bus station in Kuantan we have a bit of difficulty establishing the best route to take back to Thailand, mainly due to the ridiculous proportion of extremely unhelpful people. Finally establish the best route and head to the nearby shopping mall to kill a bit of time ahead of our nine o’clock bus to Alor Setar. Nice comfy seats await on the bus and we manage to settle down nicely for the night.

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Chapter fifty six - Somewhere in Java

A loooong journey

sunny 25 °C

Day 216: Somewhere in Java, Indonesia 02/05/2012

Wake up slightly the worse for wear after yesterday's drinks (quite a lot by recent standards) and with this our bonus day in Pangandaran (as decided last night) we are soon at the beach trying to decide on our next move. Reading the Lonely Planet when have a brainwave...why not travel overnight?

Straight to the internet cafe to check the train times, when on the way in we see a baby monkey tethered to the tree outside. As I run back to get the camera there is a seven year old boy feeding the monkey using a baby's bottle. Take a moment to stroke him. The monkey that is, not the boy...

It soon becomes apparent that the overnight train is a possibility to get to Mount Bromo tomorrow. We hurriedly gather up our stuff, head to the bus station and learn the last bus to Sidarejar (the nearest train station) has sailed and the next one is in the morning. However, there is an alternative route according to the old bus conductor, going from Banjar to Surabaya - check this online and he is right. So, we jump on the bus to Banjar, hopeful we would be on time for the train, get dropped outside the station in good time and after a quick tea we bunk down in the train carriage ready to cross a fair chunk of Java by the morning. Reasonably comfortable to be fair.

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